Titanic International Centennial Collection


Titanic international Centennial Collection

The A4, hard cover publication was made in the style of the 1910s and containsover 100 pages of photographs and information about 81 stamps released by 43 countries. Ninety per cent of the photographs are in the stamps’ original size, thus providing all purchasers with a true aesthetic experience.

Titanic gyűjtemény borítóThe publication is much more than just a stamp album because not only does it allow the compilation of a collection of special Titanic stamps but it also includes 18 pages of fascinating details describing the ship’s design, the events of the disaster, the discovery of the wreck, and the planned ocean liner Titanic II.

The album is available in two versions: with hawid mounts and without hawid mounts.

The album’s selling price is HUF 14,035 with hawid mounts and HUF 11,355 without hawid mounts

The publication is only available by prior order, so if you wish to buy it, please let us know by 12 April 2013. The album will be posted in the first part of May 2013 at the earliest.

Prior orders are waited for at philately@posta.hu e-mail address.

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