FLEXI Business Letter

If you wish to mail large quantities of letters, postcards or picture postcards abroad regularly, our international Flexi - Business Letter service is the right choice for you.

You may post your items in two ways:

  • as a FLEXI - Normal Business Letter (for mailing ordinary international letter-post items in bulk) or
  • as a FLEXI - Priority Business Letter (for mailing priority international letter-post items in bulk).

The minimum quantity for dispatch is 25 letters/occasion/category (normal or priority). Flexi - Business Letters may be sent to all countries.

Mail items posted as Flexi - Business Letters do not need to have identical contents and size, and only need to comply with the regulations on letter sizes. If your company is contracted with us, payment may be made by bank transfer or in cash, but the service is also available without a contract by payment in cash.

If speed is of the essence also in preparing mail, you may entrust us to do all the jobs from letter production to enveloping.

For further information please contact us: info.international@posta.hu