International Business Letter


Direct Entry

Direct Entry is an innovative way to handle international mailings, where each item is customized according to the local market it’s being sent to.

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FLEXI Business Letter

If you wish to mail large quantities of letters, postcards or picture postcards abroad regularly, our international Flexi - Business Letter service is the right choice for you.

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International Business Reply Mail

If you are an advertising agency with international contacts, a market research company expecting completed questionnaires to be returned or a private or business customer who would like to receive a reply from an international addressee this mail item is the ideal solution for you.

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International Direct Mail

International direct mail (IDM) is an ideal choice for advertising agencies with international relations and all enterprises which have foreign contacts and an international clientele or intend to expand abroad and wish to send customised information about their product or service directly to an interested target group in a confidential manner.

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Special International Business Solutions

Take advantage of our customised, cost-efficient solutions if you regularly or occasionally send larger quantities of letters abroad!

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