Direct Entry

Direct Entry is an innovative way to handle international mailings, where each item is customized according to the local market it’s being sent to.

The service provides:

  • Local PPI (Postage Printed Impression) for every individual country
  • Mail piece design to fit within local mailing regulations
  • Local mailing address for responses
  • “Best rate” postage charges based on negotiated rates

Direct Entry services offer simple and cost-effective means of giving international companies a local presence by creating mailings that look and feel local.

Hungarian local customers will respond more positively to this type of mailing because:

  • They feel that your customer is active in their country
  • They feel that local companies can provide better levels of customer service
  • They feel that your customer will be more responsive to them
  • They feel that your customer is taking their local needs seriously

You benefit from the control and the convenience of the centralized international mailing distribution as well as the positive market perception generated by ‘localizing” the mail piece.

Each mailing is assessed in terms of:

  • Format of mail pieces
  • Weight of mail pieces
  • Speed of delivery
  • Target markets for mailing