Date of issue: 30 July 2010

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Since the first written record in 1208 Kerca and Szomoróc were two separate settlements, the Hungarian population there protected the western border in return for special favours and the population of the two villages drove away the intruders from the latter at the end of the First World War with the border guards. Many of them were imprisoned for their armed uprising, but as a result of their brave act and patriotism in the February of 1922 Szomoróc was able to return to Hungary. In celebration of this the bell of their unique propped and log-walled bell tower constructed in 1877 was recast in Sopron with an inscription immortalising the liberation. The two Calvinist communities were united at the beginning of the Second World War with the name Kercaszomor. Today the village stretching among stands of pine, interwoven with hiking paths, where once many potters had worked, is a popular tourist destination in the Őrség National Park. The Saint Martin international hiking trail passes through Kercaszomor into Slovenia, and here you can walk along the Fürge Cselle study trail which takes you through colourful meadows full of rare species of butterfly. Source: text by Kálmán Soós

The picture side of the postcard includes the unique Kercaszomor propped, log-walled bell tower and a detail of the tree of life motif on the memorial created by István Szerviátus for the 80th anniversary of the return. In the upper right part of the postcard you can see the Kercaszomor Calvinist church, a wooden memorial column and a hill press house. The stamp image of the postcard is decorated with a picture of the Kercaszomor bell. The special cancellation stamp includes a stylised drawing of the tree of life.

Order code: 2010004090011 (post clean) * 2010004090012 (FDC)
Date of issue: 30 July 2010
Printing press: Állami Nyomda (state printing press)
Printing procedure: offset
Number issued: 5,000
Graphic artist: Barnabás Baticz
Photograph – picture side. Stamp: József Kovács; – picture side: Attila Kleb and Kálmán Soós