Hungary's new fundamental law

Date of issue: 25 April 2011


On 25 April 2011 the President of the Republic of Hungary signed Hungary’s new Fundamental Law, which replaces the 1949 constitution that came into force at a time when the country was deprived of its selfdetermination. The new Fundamental Law is the foundation of all the country’s law and the symbol of a truly free and democratic Hungary, through which a transitional period has been brought to an end. It is a covenant between Hungarians of the past, present and future, and points to the paramount need for spiritual and intellectual renewal. The new Fundamental Law respects the achievements of the country’s historic constitution and the Holy Crown, which embodies the continuity of Hungary’s one-thousand-year-old constitutional state and national unity. On Magyar Posta’s numbered philatelic speciality the Holy Crown of Hungary printed in 23 carat gold leaf rising from the plane of the paper is featured. The border is adorned with a work by Miklós Köllő, the statue of King Saint Stephen from the dome hall of the House of Parliament, as well as its vaults. When placed under UV light, the inscription in Hungarian “May there be peace, freedom and concord” is visible. On the special stamp block with red numbering, cut glass crystals sparkle in the place of the precious stones decorating the Holy Crown.

Order code: 2011108030011 (basic version) 2011108060012 (FDC) 2011109030011 (crystal version)Date of issue: 25 April 2011
Face value: HUF 2011
Number of copies issued: 40,000 basic version, 20,000 version with crystals
Perforated size of stamp: 40 x 31.5 mm
Imperforated size of the block: 105 x 75 mm
Printing method: offset, UV, embossed, and gold leaf printing
Printed by Állami Nyomda
Designed by Imre Benedek
Photograph by József Hajdú Engraved by József Török

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