A little hungarian chess history - regular

Date of issue: 24 September 2004

The history of Hungarian chess has been put on the 64 stamp de-signs by micro writing as an under-print. The sheet of stamps consists of stamps with a 1,600-character study on the history of chess on each, which, read in the right order (from square a8 horizontally to square h1), review the material re-mains, important personalities and events of Hungarian chess spanning one thousand years from the earliest written records and archaeological finds to the present day.
The stamp design depicts a chess board showing the starting move of the so-called “Hungarian Defence”. The name derives from the corre-spondence chess match between the Hungarian and French capitals between 1842-1845, which ended in a Hungarian victory in both matches.
In order to easily identify the squares, the edges contain numerals on the right and left hand sides and let-ters on the top and bottom. The lower edge has an inscription meaning “A Little Hungarian Chess History”.Source: Iván Bottlik’s manuscript
Order code number stamp: 2004211010031
sheet of stamps: 2004211040031
Date of issue: 24 September 2004
Nominal value: HUF 50
Total nominal value: HUF 3,200
Perforation size of stamp designs: 25 x 25 mm
Cut size of sheet of stamps: 225 x 225 mm
Printing method: offset printing
Printed by Pénzjegynyomda Rt.
Designed by György Kara
Text by Iván Bottlik