Direct Parcel

Direct Parcel Service is delivered in Hungary from its first entry point in Hungarian OE (NPKK) to addressee as MPL Postal Parcel, which is a domestic registered mail item containing an article or goods either with or without any commercial value in which information relating to the purpose, function or use of the contents or about the bill containing text, pictures, diagrams, as well as communication, information and data addressed solely to the addressee may be placed.

Most important parameters:

The service is VAT exempt. Minimum size of the front: 120 mm x 175 mm; the postal parcel’s longest dimension: 2,000 mm; its three dimensions (length + width + height) together may not exceed 3,000 and maximum weight at most 20 kg/parcel.

The service fee consists of the basic fee and the fees of the additional services requested. The service includes the postal sealing additional service for no special charge.

For a special fee: insurance up to HUF 2,000,000, advice of delivery, cumbersome, fragile.

Delivery time according to the Postal Act: at least 85% of parcels posted must be delivered or attempted to be delivered by the end of the second working day after the date of posting and at least 95% by the end of the third working day after the date of posting.Retention time: 5 working days; for “poste restante” 10 working days.

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